kulturerbe, tanz! 
heritage, dance!
patrimoine, danse !
patrimonio, danza!


Idea and concept Toma Péronnet
inspired from danse en amateur et répertoire
a dance promotion measure from France
(Centre National de la Danse)

Implementation of the Swiss version (2017-2019):
Toma Péronnet with the great support of Margrit Bischof, her knowledge and network in dance culture, and all the members of the chair and the commission.
Swiss dance award  2018 / Federal office of culture / dance heritage

1st edition 2019 : 14-16 june Südpol Lucerne
2nd edition twice in 2022 : 22-24 april la Poste Visp-VS / 17-19 june Dampfzentrale Berne-BE
3rd edition june 2023 : 9-11 june Théâtre du Jura Delémont-JU

informations about the project-festival F/D/E

Association kulturerbe, tanz! Zurich
(will be closed on 30.06.2024)

Head of project and festival: Toma Péronnet
(until 3006.2024) 

Members of the chair 2022-2024
Mona de Weerdt / ZH-SG (pr.) , Marco Volta / BS (vice), Ernst Jäggli / BE (cashier)
Karin Hermes / BE (actuary), Robi Müller (member since 2017) / ZH
Former members of the chair (2017-2021) :
Margrit Bischof (dir) Francesco Walter, Beatrice Diel

Members of the commission 2023 :
Mona de Weerdt / ZH-SG (dir.), Etienne Frey / GE, Beatrice Goetz /BS, Paola Gianoli / GR-GE, Nunzia Tirelli / TI, Jeannette Salzmann Albrecht / VS
special member : Dominique Martinoli (Théâtre du Jura) / JU
Former members of the commission (2017-2021):
Margrit Bischof (dir) / BE , Beatrice Diel / ZH, Beatrice Im Obersteg / LU
Former members of the commission (2017-2019):
Jasmine Morand / VD, Filippo Armati / TI

Festivalteam 2023 Théâtre du Jura
Marco Volta / BS, Daniel Tschanz / BE, Dina Sennhauser / ZH-GR, Oona Schweizer / ZH, Venera Sallkaj / JU-BE, Sabine Burger / BE, Ehret Media / BE
With the support of EVIDANSE, Dominique Martinoli / JU
Festivalteam 2022 La Poste Visp, Dampfzentrale Berne
Marco Volta / BS, Daniel Tschanz / BE, Dina Sennhauser / ZH-GR
Sabine Burger / BE, Ehret Media / BE
Festivalteam 2019 Südpol Kriens
Marco Volta / BS, Peter Göhler / ZH, Ingo Höhn / LU


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